Do You Live in Habit Hell?

“Habit is the hell to which people cling in an attempt to stop the flow of change.”
Carolyn Myss

ID-100153370Did you ever catch yourself doing something and for a fleeting moment think about why you were doing it?

Habits are part of the invisible domain of living. They invade our actions and our speech – things that we do and the words we say without thinking. I think of it as human auto-pilot. Here is a speech example. How often do you hear someone say the word “like” or “you know” when they are talking to you? Do you think the person hears it?

One of the problems with habits is that we are often blind to our own habits. They are much easier to see in other people. We don’t notice habits until one gets under our skin and starts to drive us crazy. The person may not even realize he/she is doing it. That’s the beauty of a habit. Again, human auto-pilot.

Our habits make choices for us without our active brains ever getting engaged in the process. We get caught up in the habit spiral and soon our lives are spiraling out of our control. Think about the habit of always saying “yes” to every request. Believe me, saying “yes” all the time is a habit. What happens? Our work load becomes tremendous, our plates are overloaded (last week’s blog topic). We become stressed, fearful of not being able to live up to everyone’s expectations, angry, frustrated, and ready to kick the dog or bite off someone’s head.

Considering the type of life we want to be living, the kind of relationships we want to have with others, requires that we consider our habits. Ask yourself: Do your habits bring you closer to your goals? Do your habits support and foster the kind of relationships that you want to have with others?

Another powerful quote > “People do not decide their future. They decide their habits and their habits decide their future.” Anonymous

Wow! That my invisible actions can decide my fate is disturbing. After I first read this quote years ago, I spent a week noticing my actions, my words, my way of moving through my world. And I made conscious changes. I consciously stopped doing a few things that were clearly not serving me and I started doing a few other things that I realized brought me more positive outcomes. You can do this too!

We all have a choice about what we are doing. Breaking old habits is hard but not impossible. The first step is to turn off auto-pilot. Bring your actions into the open. Notice what you are doing.

Depending on what you want to manifest in your life, paying attention to your habits can be a powerful first step.

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