Helping Hands

ID-10062848If you only have a hammer you tend to see every problem as a nail.
~Abraham Maslow

I’m not talking nails. I’m talking life. Times are challenging for so many people right now. They are spread thin – which means that the people you interact with may be at their whit’s end.

To make sense of everything we create stories – stories that justify our actions and reactions – stories that comfort us – stories that call out to others to help us. The question you may want to ask yourself now is “How best can I be of service to others?”

That’s right! Be of service. You are not here to get – you are here to give.

There are many offers you can make right now to those in your circle of influence – your family, friends, customers, co-workers. Offer support, an extra hand. Work to come from an emotional field of generosity.

And as you open your heart and mind to others – cutting them some slack as they work to rearrange competing commitments and juggle responsibilities, remember. What goes around, comes around. Others will extend you the same generosity. Try it!

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