How far Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00029]would you go to save your child?
What would you do?
Where do you draw your revenge line?

Amelia ha
s been missing for five years––five long years. A cold case to the police. A hot case to her mother, Carolyn.

Her search for her missing daughter––unrelenting.
Her sacrifice––total.

Then a clue! A random photo brings Carolyn face to face with the one person she believes holds the key to Amelia’s whereabouts.

In a small Florida town two teenage girls go missing after a night of frolic and fun at one of the area’s hottest new nightclubs. The Amber alert goes out. TJ, Rosa and Estella––the scared parents––frantically search for their children. The choice is clear. Face the terror of not knowing or take action.

These two worlds collide in Gotcha!, an exciting new, fast-paced mystery from Jane Flagello. TJ recruits his private security team to join forces with Detective Daniel Berger and a new FBI task force, Project Buyers Beware. They venture into the murky underworld of sex trafficking and the sinister predators who inhabit it. One question is paramount. Will parental efforts be strong enough and quick enough to bring their daughters safely home?