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Do You Ever Feel Invisible? Strengthen Your Relationships

You are at a social gathering and friends are talking about recent travels. You say you recently did a trip to Ukraine. Considering Ukraine has been in the news lately, you ID-100172286would think people would be interested in your impressions. But no, no one says word one. The conversation continues around you, like you were not even there.

You are at a staff meeting. You make a suggestion about how to handle an upcoming event. There are courteous nods from your peers and the meeting continues. Ten minutes later a colleague makes the same suggestion which is received with praise as if he/she just saved the world.

You are talking to your husband, wife, friend. Instead of connecting with you, making eye contact with you, the person is playing with his/her phone, tablet, scrolling through messages.

What’s going on? Continue reading

My Plate’s Too Full: Avoiding Emotional Triggers

Yikes! I took a look at all I had to do this week and screamed. I’m retired. I’m suppose to have all this free time to run, jump and play. To sit on my porch, get mentally lost watching the ripples in my pond and write an exciting chapter for my next mystery/romance novel.ID-100236677

But there I was. With a full plate of “have-to’s.” No time to write.  What I really wanted to do was crawl back into bed and pull the covers over my head. What is wrong with this picture?

I’m sure many of you connect to what I’m saying. Okay – maybe not the retirement part. We all are very busy with full plates of obligations; things we have to do for work, family, friends, or our community. What’s a person to do? Continue reading

Helping Hands

ID-10062848If you only have a hammer you tend to see every problem as a nail.
~Abraham Maslow

I’m not talking nails. I’m talking life. Times are challenging for so many people right now. They are spread thin – which means that the people you interact with may be at their whit’s end.

To make sense of everything we create stories – stories that justify our actions and reactions – stories that comfort us – stories that call out to others to help us. The question you may want to ask yourself now is “How best can I be of service to others?” Continue reading