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Words Matter!

Change your words – change your world.
-Andrea Gardner

Think about this situation. Someone asks you to do something. You say, “No problem.”

At first blush saying “No problem” might not seem like a big deal. I hear many people respond this way. It got me thinking. What ID-100264697is the first word you hear?  “No” A negative. You are leading with a negative. And whilenot huge, might there be a better alternative – one with more power?

What if you say, “My pleasure.” – or – “I’ll take care of it for you.” – or – “Consider it done.”

A small change to be sure. Does it matter?

Well, my personal answer is yes. I tried an experiment that I invite you to try. I stopped saying “No problem” and chose one of the phrases above which best fit the situation. I was surprised at the reactions I received. Pleasantly surprised. People made eye contact and smiled at me. Their next words were the best. They said “Thank you.” Not the rote “thanks” but a “thank you” that conveyed the feeling behind the words.  Continue reading