Burst Out of Your Comfort Zone

“You are the first organization you must master.”

-Stuart Heller


Remember the fight or flight instincts that kept our ancestors alive? It is still inside us! Our body sends us signals all the time. That feeling we get when we meet someone who makes us feel uncomfortable. The question we all must ask ourselves is how well are we listening.ID-100281187

I want to talk about how our body does or does not support the actions we take and those we want to take. Think about this for a moment. When the hairs on the back of our neck stand up, it’s a signal.  

Last year I broke my ankle – okay shattered might be more descriptive – like fragments of glass. I’ve now got plates and screws. I bring this up because my habitual way of moving had to change. During the first month I could not walk at all as I had also badly sprained the other ankle. I was a mess!

What I learned was how important my physical being is to my life. Yes, I knew this before. The difference was that now I really KNEW it! I was living it in all aspects of my life.

You don’t have break your ankle to become more aware of the signals your body is sending you. Tired? Upset stomach? Headaches? That achey all over feeling? While there are many causes for these conditions and you should always see your doctor, sometimes your own actions are the root cause.

I have a friend whose continues to make choices and decisions that cause her enormous stress. When I listen to her complain, I sometimes suggest other options that might reduce her stress. She poo-poos these and plays her “poor me” victim card.

Enough already!

We all experience life physically. When something is off, we need to pay attention. Try this. Do an instant replay of your most recent stressing event. You know the choices you already made. But “what if …..” Play the what if game. What other options were possible?

You know how the choice you made – probably the one you always make – the one that keeps you in your comfort zone – is playing out. What you don’t know is how a different choice might have resulted in different outcomes.

Stretch out of your comfort zone. Try a new response. See what happens. Let us know.